A downloadable game for Windows

The world has fallen into chaos and a temporal distortion has brought robert (our friendly robot) into a total mess,

Rogue bots and floating islands, help him survive them ! 

Game for Ludum dare 44.

Game Tips

Enemies usually drop stuff, like batteries, which gives you some energy.

But they can also drop bonuses (spheres), whom will cost you energy so don't abuse them !

Here's the list of each one :

Blue sphere : the shield, will give you a temporary protection from your enemies attacks, will cost 5 of your energy

Yellow sphere : a multiplier, raise temporarily the amount of energy that your enemy drop (can be cumulated), will cost 10 of your energy

Red sphere : hypermod, for a short amount of time, using capacities will cost you NOTHING, so use it to obliterate your enemies ! 
will cost 10 of your energy

All assets ( Arts and Musics ) were made from the team during the jam, only the SFXs were found online.


TRIT Ludum dare edition 33 MB

Install instructions

Run and enjoy !